Important Facts About Text Messaging

Mobile everything has been one of the fastest growing trends this decade.


Text messages are sent every minute worldwide

Of texts are read within 3 minutes of being sent
People send text messages worldwide
Is the average response time for text messages
Of people prefer offers to be sent via text
Welcome to TextMagic a Text Messaging Service proudly provided by Consult-USA.

TextMagic is a business text messaging service for sending:

  1. Notifications, alerts, reminders, coupons or discounts
  2. Order confirmations
  3. And SMS marketing campaigns

Let’s take a quick look at some of the system features that will help you to improve your business communication.

Business SMS Features to Grow Your Company

Use our mass text-messaging platform for sending SMS texts to your customers, staff and suppliers.

Send Texts Online

Login to your account and send bulk SMS online to 200+ countries.

Email to SMS Gateway
Convert your emails into text messages and deliver to any mobile phone.
SMS Gateway API
Integrate SMS API with your business,  and text directly from your own app.
SMS Software for PC & Mac
Download our text message software for your PC or Mac desktop.
Two-Way SMS Chat
Send and receive text messages online using our two-way SMS chat.
SMS Distribution Lists
Forward critical emails as text messages with SMS distribution lists.
The Web App allows you to send and receive text messages very easily. This is especially good for marketing campaigns, because you can make your text messages more personal by using mail merge tags and templates, and you can attach files to your messages.

All your messages are sent instantly.

Additionally, you can import your contacts into the System with a few clicks. You can organize them into lists and share these lists with your team members. With the Web App, you can also schedule messages to be sent at a specific time, monitor the delivery rate, manage your team of sub-accounts and edit your text messaging and account settings – all from one place.

With SMS Chat you won’t miss any incoming messages from your customers, leads or staff members. All your conversations are nicely sorted into chats. When a new incoming message reaches your virtual system number, you will get notified via a desktop alert and – if needed – via email and mobile app push notifications. All incoming messages are free for you as USA and Canada users, the System also offers virtual Toll Free Numbers that your customers do not have to pay a single сent to reply to your messages. And if anyone needs to call your virtual number, the System can automatically forward these incoming calls to any number you want.

Email to SMS allows you to send text messages and receive replies directly from your everyday email app. Just send a regular email to a phone number followed by @textmagic.com and your email will get delivered as a text message to that number. Any replies will appear in your email inbox as soon as your recipients send them to you. In just a few seconds, you can SMS-enable as many emails as your company needs on the Email to SMS settings page to make your SMS communication smoother.

There is a download in the System for your PC and Mac that has all the same text messaging features as the System Web App and can be downloaded free of charge. It allows you to manage your SMS communications right from your desktop computer, without having to log in via a browser.

The System is a fully secure and 100% GDPR-compliant service. It meets the expectations even of large enterprise companies with enterprise features such as:

  • Single sign-on for larger teams
  • Secure login with two-factor authentication support
  • Audit logs and detailed reporting
  • Role-based access for team members
  • Precise cost statements and invoices
  • Carrier lookup and number validation tool

The System has all these and many other features, even with a trial account. Now you are ready to create an account and try out all the features during your free trial.

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